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Customer Comments 

"Thank you for your excellent customer service, My wife and I really appreciate it. I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the engineering, manufacturing and execution of our Multichair. Going on 15 years of purchasing and using “handicap” equipment for our son, I have to say the Multichair is one of those products I feel is actually made to enrich our lives and not just market to make a buck. When I first got a look at the chair I said to my wife, “Dang!”, she panicked, because she made the decision to purchase the chair. She was quite relieved to find my “dang” was my expression of appreciation for a well executed product and solution to one of our everyday issues. Please keep up the great work!"

Bob Meyers

"Bruce, the Multichair 4020Rx works great and it is a work of art. I greatly appreciated the craftsmanship and the ease of assembly. Thanks for your help with this."

Bob Kallay

"I wanted to thank you for helping my husband upon his return home from the Rehabilitation Hospital. Using only pictures from my cell phone and a tape measure, you were able to visualize a design that would work in my narrow shower worked with me throughout the process and stuck with me on the phone as I assembled the chair, Tonight we tried it out. The custom Nuprodx 6000 worked nicely. He felt secure on the transfer and tub portions and had just enough room to get his feet and knees in the shower pan-just like you said he would...After 4 weeks of hospital rehab he looks good. After a shower on the Nuprodx 6000, he smells good"

Helene Greenberg Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"I have been a T-6 para for 11 years, and have used many shower chairs. The multichair 3000tx is far and away the very best that I have ever used! AND, it can fold up smaller than anything else I have found. If you travel and need a transfer bench, I am positive that you will not find a better alternative. Thank you for making a product of such high quality and unsurpassed usefulness."

The Rev. Philip L. Wangberg

"Bruce, I'm back, and glad/relieved to say - travelling isn't always easy but with a Multichair 3000 one problem is eliminated: I can properly do a bowel program. It was convenient to use, light enough/easy to assemble, and stable/well built. Best of all and most important, the design of the chair allows me to use the same bowel program techniques that I do at home...Thank you for relating to the needs of the spinal cord injured in developing a product that is safe, convenient, and affordable. I am passing the word on to my SCI friends and therapists".

Sam Spears, T8 para with shoulder injuries

"Dear Bruce, On Friday morning...I received my multiCHAIR 4000. I am mechanical engineer with more than 30 years experience in heavy equipment design and testing. To be perfectly honest, when I started to assembly the chair, I was stunned. What a smart and good design! In the evening when I began my bowel program I was stunned again. Never ever during 5 years being quadriplegic I felt so comfortable. No wonder, the chair had been designed by the person who knew all needs of paralyzed people. Thank you very much for such a good present for disable individuals."

Vladimir Mostovskiy
Mechanical Engineer and C-7 Quadriplegic

"The multiCHAIR has changed my life. I have been paraplegic for 20 years and love to travel. In the past, I have struggled with schlepping an Active Aid in a huge suitcase. Those things must be made of iron. It was very difficult and I always needed help to carry it and set it up. Then there is the rust problem. BAD design.The multiCHAIR has made traveling a breeze. I can carry it on my lap and set it up in 3 minutes over a toilet or in a shower or tub. NO PROBLEM. I fly all the time and it fits perfectly in the overhead bin of the airplane. I recently went to Turkey for a week. Set it up in the bathroom of my hotel in Istanbul and had a great EASY trip. Two weeks in Italy last year and am headed to Barcelona in the Spring. All made possible with the multiCHAIR. As a paraplegic I need the side opening feature on the seat for toileting and this is the only lightweight product out there. I have had it for at least 3 years now and it looks brand new. Thank you thank you thank you to Nuprodx!"

Melanie Born
San Francisco

"Thanks to Bruce, I just got back from two weeks in England and Ireland and the only thing that I didn't have to worry about was the use of an international chair that would fit and go everywhere I went. From hotels in London to many B&B's in the backcountry of Ireland I knew that the chair would not let me down and in fact came out shining...With the Nuprodx chair I was like the United Nations and could go anywhere without having an interpeter....The chair was extremely easy to put together and take apart in a matter of a few minutes and carry and transport through airports. The possibilities are endless with this chair. I think that I will go out camping in a tent next!"

Shawn McDonald
C 7/8 Quad/ex-racer

"We have purchased 2 of your multichairs for our son Sam…He keeps one at college and one here at home. He has traveled from Cancun, to St. Louis, gone skiing and other places and it is so easy to carry on a bus, plane or in a car…This product was truly designed to be useable. Thanks for making life a little easier for others."

Jan Harrison
mother of Sam Harrison, T-12 para

"Bruce, This letter is long overdue. Last July I purchased a multiCHAIR 4000. I have traveled extensively since then and have been extremely pleased with the portability and ease of assembly that your product offers. Being a Para for the last 21 years I had traveled with everything from an E&J full size shower chair to an Active-aid portable. Your chair has no competition - it is superior to anything on the market. I take my chair on board the plane as carry on luggage and have yet to have any delays or problems going through the security checkpoints.

Again thank you for such a great chair."

Vince Soler

"On my recent trip I went from Florida to West Virginia west to Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, then back to Florida. I was able to use the chair, without the back on all toilets. I attached the back when I used the chair in the shower. I like the portability and ease of breaking the chair down. I really like the softness of the seat…all in all I give your chair an "A". I am a satisfied customer, thanks Bruce"

James B Thomann,
T-10/11 para

"Bruce, I just got back from a ten-day vacation to Pittsburgh. This was only the second vacation I have taken since my accident in 1992....I was thoroughly impressed by how easily the chair went together and how sturdy it was. I have never seen casters like you used on the chair. The way in which the lock stops both the wheel from rotating as well as swiveling is truly unique. It makes the chair totally immobile when locked, facilitating a safe transfer. Up to this time it was necessary for me to have my wife accompany me when I traveled. With the new chair I could easily travel alone if necessary. It is a great product and I would heartily recommend it for individuals that would like to have a mobile bath chair when they travel. I am looking forward to my next trip...Thanks again for creating such a useful product."

Gary Logsdon
South Jordan, Utah

"I thought my Multi-chair 2000 was great, but then I got a 3000. I used my 2000 for close to 3 years and probably 15 - 20 trips. It was terrific - durable, easy-to-use and light. The 3000 may look like the 2000, but it's a lot different. Setup is totally different, but the quad-friendly allen wrench that's provided makes it a snap. ... On the 3000 I got casters which I didn't have on my 2000. There are a lot more hotels offering roll-in showers these days and having the casters is great, I highly recommend them. The 3000 is very stable and rolls incredibly well. I've used it on 4 trips and I'm still amazed by it".

Ken Opalsky
C 5-6 Quad

"Travel is one of the many pleasures in life and I didn't think I would be able to ever do it again. This chair made it possible, and it was the only one that could."

Seán O'Donnell
T-4 para and College Coordinator at Villanova University

"My wife and I recently got back from our cruise and the chair was fantastic. I have been looking for something like this for the last five years. The chair's construction is extremely sturdy and it breaks down easily for travel purposes. I must commend you on this product..."

Andrew Price

"For 20 years I have been traveling all over the globe. Throughout that time I've met some challenges, but the biggest challenge was carrying a shower chair that weighed 40 pounds. Finally I found a product that is no longer a hassle to carry around. I strongly recommend this rust free product that only weights 10 pounds and is a cinch to put together."

Sebastian DeFrancesco 
1993 US Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year 
1998 Wheelchair Hall of Famer 
Four-time Paralympian 

"We've been looking for a shower chair that fulfills the needs of our clients on our Australian tours for some time. We found what we were looking for in the multiCHAIR 2000" 

Andrew Huesing 
Director of Neverland Adventures 

"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am with your portable folding shower and commode chair....For years I have been disappointed by hotels that say they have accessible tubs and showers and will provide tub and/or transfer benches... when you get there the tubs or showers are not accessible and they have run out of tub benches... or never had one to begin with. Well I no longer have to be concerned with these problems when I travel. I just carry your lightweight portable tub seat with me and I am guaranteed the ability to take a shower whenever and wherever I please. Hotel, motels, campgrounds or even the middle of the woods I am fresh and clean!  Having tried and owned a number of "portable" tubsets in the past I always had to decide whether or not they were worth carrying with me on trips. They were all very cumbersome, usually unstable in many tubs, and often quite heavy... and when you are wheeling through airports with a couple of bags on your lap, trying to make a connecting flight on time, weight was a consideration.  With your product I no longer have to worry, as it takes up so little space and weighs so little, I always include it in my gate-checked or overhead-stored baggage... just grab and go!  Thanks for making such a well-engineered and lightweights product!" 

Fred Liebel 
T-4 para, athlete, businessman and avid traveler 

"The Nuprodx shower chair we purchased is the best chair we have ever had. My husband is a quadriplegic and we travel at least once or twice a year. I had placed numerous calls to medical supply companies as well as consulting them in person. We have wasted a lot of time and money purchasing faulty shower chairs over the years, to the point where I was exhausted. Most of the chairs we purchased either were not adjustable to meet our needs, or would rust. This cycle went on for years but I did not give up my search. I started looking for shower chairs on the Internet when one lucky day I stumbled upon the Nuprodx web site. I was impressed with the pictures and description of the shower chairs on the web site. I quickly called and Bruce answered with a friendly voice. I could not believe it as his chairs included all the features we were looking for in a shower chair. We immediately purchased one and have found it to be better than our expectations. We use it for every day use at home and take it with us on the airlines for vacation or business trips. I like the quality materials and the common sense details in the design. It is so easy to fold and pack, very light weight yet sturdy. It is a superior quality product and well worth the investment." 

J. Robin Skiff 
Wife and caregiver 



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